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We integrate specialists in key focus areas as needed by our clients. We are proactive in communicating and working directly (with your authorization) with your existing advisors as you request. We assist you in locating, evaluating, and selecting advisors to help complete your total wealth management advisor team.

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Tax Planning & Preparation1

Legal (Estate, Business, Family)1

Insurance (Life, Health, Other)2

Banking & Brokerage

Access to lending services through Wells Fargo affiliates 

Products Offered

Personalized Managed Accounts

Insurance (Life & Annuities)2

Exchange Traded Funds

Small Business Retirement Plans (401K, SEP/SIMPLE, Other)

Alternative Investments

Our Product (Client Deliverables)

Written and updated financial blueprint, strategy, and policy

Investment choices, implementation, monitoring, consolidated reporting (Client Dashboard)

Fully-disclosed and Household/Family-based fee pricing2

Comprehensive Online Client Access

Customized & Ad-Hoc Reporting

Advisor Team Integration (meeting and plan coordination)

Scheduled reviews

Our Pricing

Fee-based Advisory accounts (where suitable, range = .5% to 1.5%)3

Traditional brokerage Fixed Income, Cash Management, Insurance, and Alternative Investments (where preferred)

Separate Planning-Only Fee upon request 

1Ossola Wealth Management does not render legal, accounting, or tax advice. Please consult your tax or legal advisors before taking any action that may have tax consequences.

2Insurance products are offered through nonbank insurance agency affiliates of Prospera Financial Services and through affiliates that are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies.

3Fees for advisory programs include Advisory services, performance measurement, transaction costs, custody services and trading. Fees are based on the assets in the account and are assessed quarterly. These fees do not cover the fees and expenses of any underlying exchange traded fund, closed-end funds or mutual funds in the portfolio. There are minimum fees and account sizes to maintain these types of accounts. Advisory accounts are not designed for excessively traded or inactive accounts, and may not be suitable for all investors. Please carefully review any advisory disclosure documents for a full description of our services, including fees and expenses.

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